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How Door Facings are made

Moulded door facings are made from locally grown wood, using a process developed by Masonite. Raw wood chips are refined into fibres, the fibres are then mixed with resins, dried and then formed into a continuous mat.
The mat is cut to length and fed into a large multi-opening press, containing dies. The mat is then pressed at high temperature and pressure to consolidate the fibres into a high density 3.2mm moulded door facing. The door facings can be made with either a smooth or grained surface. After pressing, the door facings are primed with a water based primer and an anti-metal mark coating. The anti-metal mark coating helps keep the surface clean during door manufacture. They are then cut to size, packed and are ready for dispatch to door manufacturers. Independent door manufacturers then make interior moulded doors from the door facings. Ongoing technical support and help with production start up is available for all Masonite customers.
Door facings are made of engineered wood. The manufacturing process eliminates some of the natural disadvantages of wood to produce a hard, dense material. Engineered wood is exceptionally durable, takes paint beautifully and resists splitting or cracking, yet still retains the natural characteristics of wood. Door facings are a precisely engineered product ensuring consistent quality throughout the production process.
Why choose Masonite Door Facings?
Doors made with Masonite facings are made of tough moulded engineered wood, so you can be sure they will resist splitting, warping, cracking and damage even in centrally heated rooms and homes with lively children. With a wide range of both smooth and grained designs, there is a door to suit any decor.
Are all moulded doors made with Masonite facings?
No. Beware of imitations! For genuine designs made by Masonite, see our stockist list or click onto the 'Where to find our Products' page and ask for the moulded door range in store.
Our Doors
Masonite leads the world in the manufacture and marketing of a family of moulded interior door facings under the global brand of Masonite - a stunning range designed to complement every taste, space, style and colour.
Masonite is committed to providing complete support for its European door manufacturers at all levels, from technical and marketing through to extensive research and design, publicity and public relations.
If you do not currently manufacture doors using Masonite facings and would like to become part of Masonite's European base of door manufacturers, click here for a list of contact details.

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