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Wall Panelling

Wall Panelling from Masonite is a new concept in moulded design. The chair high panelling is easy to fit and install transforming a room, hallway or staircase instantly.
Designed to complement any setting, Masonite Wall Panelling is as beautiful as it is practical and can be painted to match any decor, providing the finishing touch to any home, classic or contemporary. Masonite Wall Panelling has been produced with versatility in mind, matching the Masonite range of interior door designs, providing the perfect combination for the discerning homeowner.
Masonite Wall Panelling - the mark of distinction.
  • Easy to fit and install.
  • Includes dado rail, skirting board and joining strip.
  • Gives a stunning effect.
  • Can be painted to complement any decor.
  • Transforms any interior instantly.
  • Available for left and right staircases.
  • Readily available throughout the UK.
Wall Panel Kit:
965mm high when used with dado and skirting, 2.65m Length.
Wall Panelling Kit includes in a box:
4 wall panels (619 x 781mm), 4 joint strip, 1 external corner strip enabling a run of 2.65m in length.
2 pieces per pack @ 2.65m per piece, enabling a run of 5.3m in length.
4 pieces per pack @ 2.7m per piece, enabling a run of 5.3m in length.
Wall panelling Measurements.
Stair Panel kit including: 3 stair panels (244 x 1020mm), 4 joint strip, 1 infill panel, enabling 1.1m run up the stairs
For more details please see our sizing table.
Please note these are standard sizes, however sizes may vary in other outlets where the product is sold.
Installation Guide
Stage 1
Start by cutting a mitre so the skirting sits in the corner with an angled edge to meet the other skirting. You can drill and fix the skirtings but panel adhesives are so good these days that most professionals use them in preference to nails or screws on this sort of job, not least because it avoids the need to fill holes. You can buy panel adhesive from DIY stores and builders merchants.
Stage 2
Apply the adhesive and press the skirting against the wall.
Stage 3
Check it is level. You can wedge it up slightly if it isn't quite level or you can accept that the skirting and therefore the panel will follow the line of the floor.
Stage 4
The standard joining strips can be butted to fit into the corners or you can cut one fluted strip from each section to make them fit in without a gap. You can do this (carefully) with a Stanley knife. On external corners you can cut the back of the strips so the fronts butt together or you can glue a piece of 13mm wooden quadrant in to form a rounded angle.
Stage 5
Use panel adhesive to fit the joining strip to the wall. You can also apply a little adhesive to the panels at the point where they touch the wall and fit the panels in the skirting and into the joining strips, ensuring the Cathedrals (grain in the wood) are all facing upwards.
You can fix the strips and then slide in the panels, but you may find it easier to stick each panel in as you go along and use it to determine the position of then next upright. If you fix all the strips first you may find that all the posts do not fit.
Stage 6
When all the panels have been fitted you can place the dado rail on top. If you need to join lengths of rail or skirting, cut the ends with a mitre saw so the end is angled rather than square. If the top section of the wall is decorated, apply adhesive to the wall just above the panels, rather than the rail itself. This will avoid the risk of getting adhesive on the decorated wall.
Stage 7
Pushing rail together. Where you need to join lengths of rail or skirting, cut the ends in the mitre saw so the join is angled rather than square, this way, you won't see the gap.
Stage 8
Designed to complement any room setting, our wall panelling is as beautiful as it is practical and can be painted to match any decor, providing the finishing touch to any home. There is no need to use a primer or undercoat.
NB: Wall and Stair Panelling is available in the UK from Hare Wood Products based on Leeds. Contact details are Tel +113-240 3702 www.hare.uk.com

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