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1980 - Moulded Door Facings
By the mid 1970's, Masonite's total annual hardboard capacity had grown to around 3,000,000,000 sq ft - almost half the total annual consumption of hardboard in the US - and 233 times the capacity of Mason's first plant.
The 1970's also saw one of the most significant developments to date: the introduction of the moulded door facing.
The beauty and strength of solid wood - at a fraction of the price
Today customers can have elegant internal panelled doors with all the appeal of solid wood and none of the disadvantages.
As well as being more ecologically friendly, Masonite branded doors are around 50% denser than solid wood. They also have the ability to resist splitting, shrinking and cracking in changing temperatures. What's more, they cost a fraction of the price.
Customers and door manufacturers the world over recognise the Masonite brand name as the epitomy of elegance, beauty, strength and choice.

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