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1925-1950 New Patents and Products
Back at the start, Mason had invented his own hardboard production machinery and in the process had accumulated 34 patents. However one patent stood out above all the others: Mason's product patent.
This prohibited any other manufacturerfrom marketing hardboard with similar physical characteristics to Mason's. However it wasn't long before infringers began to surface. After extensive litigation, the US Court of Appeals decided that Mason's company alone had the right to manufacture the product he had invented.

The Ultimate Moisture Test
Throughout the period that Mason's product patent was in force - and for years after - the bulk of Masonite hardboard was sold in plain brown panel form.
The physical characteristics were outstanding due to Mason's unique 'gun' method of defibrating which produced a board of remarkable strength and stability - particularly when exposed to moisture. (During Word War II a shipload of Masonite hardboard was sunk off the coast of Denmark. When it was raised four years later, the board was still in good condition!)
With a product this rugged and popular, there was little reason for Masonite to do more than simply produce and sell plain brown panels. However this was all about to change...
Product Development
As Mason's original patents began to expire, competition increased. In order to stay at the forefront of the industry, Masonite needed to diversify into something different.
Following extensive research and development, a whole new family of products was soon to be introduced to Masonite's customers. It was the start of one of the most exciting and innovative periods in Masonite's history.

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