So very versatile
The great thing about Masonite-designed doors is they suit every home, classic or contemporary, large or small. You�re not limited to any particular style either. Single and double doors; smooth and grained; arched and square topped; 2,3,4 and 6 panel designs; fully glazed and half glazed; fire check doors; acoustic doors; space saving bi-fold doors; wardrobe doors; even a chair-high wall panelling system to completely transform rooms or hallways. Available ready-primed to paint and finish as you choose.
So very strong
Masonite-designed doors are made from tough moulded engineered wood. But unlike ordinary wood, they won�t split, crack or warp in your centrally-heated home. They come in half and one-hour fire-retardant options which are perfect for kitchens and bedrooms. There�s even an acoustic range for when you want extra peace and quiet.

So easy and so very affordable
Starting from under �25, Masonite-designed doors are an inexpensive way to bring your room to life. Speak to your builder or joiner. He�ll know all about Masonite-designed doors and will be able to help you select the style you need, hang them and even help dispose of your old doors. So you can see how easy it is to get it right, right from the start.